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So, where are the Blogs and Pictures?

Well after a 30-day trip to three different European countries, visiting 12 different cities, and taking over 20 different scheduled tours, I was a bit tired. Even with all the train, plane, and automobile travel, I did write 6 blogs during my trip. However, choosing the right photos for each blog, from the close to 1000 pictures I took during my trip was a bit more than I could do each evening.


Waiting for the airport shuttle
Waiting for the airport shuttle

I had aggressive plans for 6 or more posts during my trip. I even scheduled specific days for writing and publishing. As we all know, “best laid plans…”. So, now I am posting my travel writing and my photos, beginning this week.


Let’s see you average 18,000 steps each day for 4 weeks, both on guided tours and on self-guided exploration, and have the energy to review hundreds of pictures, choose the ones for your blog, write the blog, edit and insert the pictures, and post your blog. Oh right, also do your Social Media posts on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and X. Just saying...


I commend you travel bloggers and photographers that find time every day to create and post your blogs, during your trips.


Although I did some writing, usually I was too tired most days to review photos and complete and post a blog. I apologize to those of you that expected a daily blog and pictures from me – just couldn’t do it, sorry.


Now that I have been back for about a week, I am editing the blogs I wrote, adding pictures, and will be posting this next week. I’ll post in the same order as my itinerary – first Iceland, then Italy, and Spain last. Again, kudos to those bloggers who post, complete with photos, during their trip. I couldn’t do it.


Hopefully you enjoy the blogs and my pictures even though they are about 3-5 weeks after the actual travel and tours. Even though it is after my trip, your comments and feedback are always encouraged and welcome.



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