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Impressions of a Roaming Boomer – My Profile

With a website/blog URL of “Wanderlust Encounters” and a blog title of “Impressions of a Roaming Boomer”, you may already think you know a bit about me… right?  Well, read on and see if you’re right….

After roughly 30 years of various roles in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, I decided to do things a little differently this time, by combining two of my fun-time passions, writing and photography. My creative side has always enjoyed art and photography, from creation to appreciation. Additionally, I enjoy writing in many forms, fiction, business writing, poetry, technical writing, and so on. So, blogging seemed like a good fit… let me know if I was right.

Where it began… I am the oldest of seven boys and grew

up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the 60’s and 70’s.

If you are not aware, a lot happened during those

decades – not just the Pittsburgh Steelers winning 4

Super Bowl rings during the 70’s. 

Growing up during the Vietnam War era of the 60’s and 70’s gave me more of an appreciation for what was going on in the world outside of Pittsburgh. World events, like the war, hit us on television every evening with the “dead and wounded statistics”, along with coverage of our allies and enemies, protests happening around the globe, and the constant propaganda of “why we have to stop the spread of Communism.”

The 60’s and 70’s also brought the Rock and Roll Generation, called “Classic Rock” today. An incredible genre of music with roots in gospel and folk music, add to it graphic and emotional anti-war ballads, continue to build in music from the psychedelic and drug culture, can’t ever forget Motown and the “soul” sound, and top it off with Disco and lighter rock of the 70’s. Quite an uplifting and “revolutionary” mix for a kid growing up in the inner city of Pittsburgh.

Underlying Rock and Roll music was the counter-cultural “peace and love movement” – Hippies vs. The Establishment – a complete revolution, in 180-degree opposition to the beliefs and practices of our parents’ generation. Forget any trust in government and politicians (after all we were lied to throughout the Vietnam War), this was a rebirth of freedom and self-expression, in all ways, shapes, and forms.

All of this contributed to who I am today and what you will read in this blog. I had a strict upbringing in an Italian-Irish, Roman Catholic household. My father was an immigrant from Italy (in 1928) and an unskilled laborer, who dropped out of school to support his family. My family wasn’t as poor as some, my parents kept a roof over our heads, bellies full, and shoes on our feet. I learned right from wrong, at times reinforced by a belt or a swift kick in the ass. In fact, I had incredible parents who knew how to parent – they were our parents, not trying to be our friends.

Since I am now on the path to retirement (whatever that means and whatever form it takes), selectively working small business consulting gigs from time-to-time, I have time for travel and my other pursuits and passions.

My intent for this blog is to write about places I experience, the sights, sounds, food, people, cultures, and more – along with my opinion (IMHO), the good and the not so good. My photographs will support what I write about, what I recommend, what I like, what I dislike, and what my opinion is of my encounters… my Wanderlust Encounters, see what I did there?


Those of you not wanting to read my blog, and you Gen Z’ers, Gen X’ers, and others who are "reading challenged" due to time in our public school system, go here to look at a few travel photos… which, at some point, you will be able to purchase.


I promise that 90% - 95% of this blog will focus on my travels - the solo travels of an average guy from the Baby Boomer Generation - and the people, places, and things I encounter in my wanderings. However, be prepared for my musings, thoughts, and opinions about a variety of topics and current events. Like you, I feel very strongly and have opinions about many things going on in our world today. Primarily, this blog is about my travels and experiences, not about current events, unless they affect my travels or plans for travel. If that happens you will know about it, trust me. Did I mention that I am opinionated?

That’s a little about me and what I intend for this blog. If you have any comments or even recommendations, feel welcome to send me a note below expressing yourself. I look forward to hearing from you and will make every effort to respond.


Celebrate Life and Have FUN!

Pittsburgh's Point State Park at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, to form the Ohio River. Also, the sites of Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne.
The Vietnam War Memorial wall in Washington DC… Honoring our fallen heroes.
I drink and I know things, to paraphrase Tyrion Lannister, from Game of Thrones. My justification for writing a lifestyle blog containing travel and photography and opinions.
I am Grant, thank you for visiting my lifestyle blog focused on travel and photography... enjoy!


Easy way to get in touch with me... give me your feedback, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. fill-out the lines below and send me your message. I promise to respond within 24 hours of reading your message. Sometimes it can take me that long to come up with a creative reply.

Thanks for messaging me! I will respond as quickly as possible.

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