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Barcelona pedestrian square with Goudy inspired lamp post, palm trees, and beautiful hotel

Impressions of a Roaming Boomer



Welcome to Wanderlust Encounters - a unique lifestyle blog and photography portfolio, dedicated to experiencing the world in its purest form, one-on-one, even as a solo traveler. 


I feel that travel is more than just visiting places - it's about experiencing people, cultures, and lifestyles you won't find anywhere else.  Destinations from bustling cities to remote mountain villages, I will explore them all. 


My blog is a platform where I document my travel encounters, share my experiences, and create content that I hope inspires others to go out and see the world.  With stunning visuals and captivating stories, I'll take you on a journey like no other.  

My goal is to inspire people to travel, to experience new cultures, and push your boundaries.  So, come along with me on my adventures, as I explore hidden gems and give you my “Impressions of a Roaming Boomer” (as in "Baby Boomer" generation), these posts are my personal “footprints” in the sand.  


I firmly believe that life should be lived to the fullest, and what better way than to unleash your wanderlust, travel the world, experience new cultures, and create memories that will last a lifetime…


...and most important have fun doing it!

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